Uptown Mural Project

Add a splash of colour in your! day

Bringing character and beauty to the community through accessible public art installations engaging with businesses. Proudly presented by URBA.

Mural Locations


Lifted is one of three collaborative murals that Jorden and David co created for the Uptown Mural Project kick off. This Mural depicts a gloved hand reaching down to pick up a long stemmed flower. The black and white background is distorted in a vibrant echo of colours from the hands reach into the static universe of the painting.

Valleyview Chriopractic

160 Valleyview Rd


Jeremy Shantz, David Doody, & Jorden Doody

Suenos (The Great Magician)

All forms are relative, fluid, and ever changing conjured up by the great magician of a Devine play. The illusion lies in our point of view. Shapes, structures, things and events are merely concepts of our measuring, categorizing minds. Collaboration being the force of creation where from all things have their life. This mural specifically depicts the many forms in which this cycle of energy has taken, and its endless rebirth. An Intrinsically dynamic cosmic recycling machine.


David Doody & Jeremy Shantz

Fire Season

This mural depicts a boy’s face in an abstract landscape that suggests the lake, mountains, and fire in the distance. The boy, Atticus, who Kevin photographed when he first arrived in Kelowna, has a surprised and concerned expression on his face. He was lucky to not have had any issues with smoke or fire during his visit, though it was a concern when he first set out to paint in the Okanagan, and that is what eventually inspired this artwork.

Shepherd Road Bus Loop

232 Shepherd Rd


Kevin Ledo

Ogopogo & Friends

This mural depicts a gathering of funny heterogeneous characters in a Kelowna ambiance. It celebrates the richness of difference and multiculturalism in a fantastic and playful way.

Christman Plumbing

255 Rutland Road North


Mono Sourcil aka Maxilie Martel


Mashed up urban/city elements and natural/organic elements on the piece. Bright abstract shapes and splashes are the representation of people’s energy and diversity/chaos in urban life. Those urban/city elements assemble into organic shapes of local BC wild animals.

Pooch Café

164 Rutland Road North


Taka Sudo

Full Circle

The piece utilized the series of panels to tell a story, a great example of utilizing the architecture, as the decorative bricks are used as separation for the panels. Sandeep combines traditional style with modern influences to boldly express the pride she feels in her identity through the vibrant colours and patterns of her South Asian heritage.

Valley First Credit Union

Hwy 33 & Rutland Road


Sandeep Johal


‘Dreamscape’ is an immersive mural, this on-going series of mental landscapes. With the extension of the mural from the vertical walls onto the ground, observers are placed in a personal relation to the mental landscape. She hopes that people interact with it in a playful way, walking onto the painted ground, and ponder their scale and place in the universe.

Burger Baron

140 Rutland Road North


Priscilla Yu

Inside Out

The colours and imagery are loosely inspired by some of my favorite childhood cartoons. I wanted to capture a summer mood, but from inside instead of out. o This work is not supposed to be a socially challenging piece but more aesthetically challenging. It is easy viewing as it is colourful and graphic but it also utilizes unusual colour and forms meaning it has a somewhat polarizing effect.

Rutland Vapes

168 Rutland Road North


Ali T. Bruce

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove, taken from the title of the Larry McMurtry novel, combines a dream-like emersion into her own cowboy past, the fruits of the present, and the painful memories that weave amongst them.

Rutland Physiotherapy

145 Asher Road


Kathy Ager

Valleyview Mandala

Kristin Urbanheart created this energetic design at the end of a summer full of surfing on the lake, inspired by the colours of the Okanagan, the blue of the valley’s mountains and the glow of the sunset. Soothing shades were chosen to radiate positivity and healing energy to the visitors of Valleyview Chiropractic and Massage, as well as the entire community. She hopes that the cheery summertime vibe will bring warmth and smiles to the neighbourhood in every season.

Buckle Massage Therapy

158 Valleyview Rd


Kristin Grant

We Are Still Here

The mural includes the imagery of Sheldon’s girlfriend, Csetkwe, and her sister Margaret Manuel and his niece Tiyanetkw Manuel. It shows the three women enjoying a moment together in a spitlƏm (bitter root) digging field. SpitlƏm is one of Syilx Peoples timxw (four food chiefs). In the background there are the blue spirits of tumas (or grandmothers) using traditional tools for harvest/gathering traditional medicine. They are contemporary representations of the understanding that his ancestors are still here with us and are happy that the Syilx Peoples are continuing to carry forward these traditional ways of life.


270 Hwy 33


Sheldon Pierre Louis

Contact Waves

This mural flows out of the recurring themes of communication, division, harmony and balance. Imagine a childhood memory; a non-specific feeling of colour and place, and then a specific object: a treat, a toy, or maybe a newspaper boat sent floating downstream. Contact Waves aims to inspire community interaction, creative health, or may just a fine feeling.

OK Tire

350 Gray Road


Liz And Dylan Ranney

Moon Drift

‘Moon Drift’ conveys how powerful simplicity can be. Within the mural are references to a vintage design aesthetic, which are presented in a contemporary style. Although the piece is segmented, the use of colour and a cohesive illustrative theme brings a sense of harmony. The mural’s objective is to bring the community of Rutland and Kelowna a sense of joy and happiness in unpredictable times

Macgrath Auto Supply

135 Roxby Road


Olivia Di Liberto

A Comfortable Silence

To describe the intention with the designs, Lacey is working on her masters in fine art, and have been working on a painting series that reflects on the dramas and intrigue of private, domestic space, and the stillness of daily life. This series erupted during the pandemic after spending a year inside, and focussing inward with less access to other people. Walking quiet streets at night became her entertainment, and she spent more time noticing how much her minor daily activities constitute the greatest portion of her lived experience.

MCC Thrift Shop

155 Rutland Rd


Lacey and Layla

Spirit of the Lake

This work was inspired by the legend of the Ogopogo, a sacred water being which originates from Syilx and Secwepemc story telling. The ribboning effect throughout the mural represents the Ogopogo despite legend saying it looks similar to the Loch Ness Monster. All the animals depicted are indigenous to Okanagan Lake – beaver, salamander, salmon, bear, painted turtle

Taki Japanese Grill

115 Roxby Rd


Nick Sweetman

Li Shyman Ooshtow (Trailblazer)

In this mural, we have the white dotted line of the Fur Brigade trail which once brought Métis fur traders into the Kelowna region. This trail is now a bike path enjoyed by many. The line represents our communities coming to this land. The second black line represents our heritage coming from the Red River territory. Each Branch off of this line represents different families of the Métis nation as we moved eastward and northward

Metis Community Services Centre

147 Park Road


Jessie Campbell

Tyler has always been interested in how everything we know of our physical reality is in motion, resonating, oscillating. Even objects that seem stationary are vibrating. In fact the key mechanism behind our consciousness, how we perceive reality itself, is measured in frequency. Being aware of this while painting in the studio, he noticed how the natural intervals in a single brush mark mimic this resonance frozen in time; like taking a photo of a rain drop’s energy rippling outwards in a puddle. Although unseen to our eyes, this resonance is happening all around us, with everything, every moment.

Mountain Lifestyle Outlet

Hwy 33 & Rutland Road North


Tyler Keeton Robbins

A Seat at the Table

This piece is a whimsical invitation for the community to re-evaluate it’s relationship with the local and global environment through a lens of beauty and curiosity.

Interior Savings parking lot beside MCC Thrift Store

185 Rutland Rd S


John F Ross

Love Blossoms

“Where you put love, life will blossom.” In this anamorphic artwork there is a playful three-dimensional optical illusion that transcends the boundaries of space and perception. This illusion encourages interaction and engages viewers to explore the concept of positivity, love and growth by using shadows and light.

Rutland Thrift Store

140 Dougall Rd North


Tyler Toews

Athrú (Ah-Roo, the Irish word for change)

“Athrú” is a scene initially inspired by illustrated posters from the industrial era, which strongly called the public to action towards labour and production. With the addition of imagined flora, Athrú attempts to disrupt the industrial narrative without erasing the sentiment of hard work. It asks how we might again channel this collective energy towards a more sustainable future by working on change to help the earth

Back parking lot at Scotiabank; east facing wall of Gospel Mission Thrift Store

190 Hwy 33 W



Binesi (Thunderbird)

The mural depicts a Thunderbird about to brew up a storm, connecting with the Sky, Clouds and Land; he is rising above the valley to show strength.

Rutland Thrift Store

140 Dougall Rd North


Peatr Thomas

The Uptown Mural Project


The Uptown Mural Project is an inclusive and educative urban art initiative held in Rutland BC supported by the Uptown Rutland Business Association. Each mural location has been strategically selected creating a short walking tour within the Rutland Business Improvement Area. The goals of this project are driven towards the beautification of our community, encouraging local artistic development, increasing walkability within the business improvement area, and inspiring youth through contemporary public art.